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  2. Dayton Veteran's Memorial Pledge Card

    NOTE: This is an application to have a name added to the Dayton Veteran's Memorial Wall. It requires a minimum donation of $100 but... More…

  3. Food Truck Friday Vendor Application

    Fridays in Dayton are always a tasty treat at Food Truck Friday at THE CROSSROADS PLAZA located at Hwy 90 and Church St. If you want to... More…

  4. Public Information Request Court
  5. Request to Stop Utility Service
  6. Veterans Wall Memorial Survey

    This is a survey to build a list of veterans in and around the Dayton area with the intent of securing funding to add these names to... More…

  1. Dayton Citizens' Police Academy Application

    By completing this application and providing the information below, I understand that I am requesting to participate in the Citizen’s... More…

  2. Farmers' Market

    Dayton Farmers Market at the Crossroads will take place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at 111 N. Church... More…

  3. Public Information Request - General
  4. Public Information Request Police
  5. Spirit of Christmas Parade