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Boards & Committees

Boards and commissions fulfill an important role in city government by evaluating issues that affect our community and making recommendations to the City Council for needed action. Although most boards and commissions are advisory in nature, a few are decision-making entities.

The value of these bodies is a direct reflection of the interest and dedication of our citizens in making Dayton a better place to live, and we encourage citizens to apply for appointment to any board or commission which may be of interest to them.

Dayton Community Development Board:
Dayton Community Development Corporation (DCDC) is a Type B Economic Development Corporation organized under Texas Local Government Code Sections 501 and 505. As part of the Development Corporation Act of 1979, cities were given the ability to finance new and expanded business enterprises in their local communities through economic development corporations. 
The Dayton Community Development Corporation was created in 1996. DCDC's mission is "To attract and steward quality jobs and retain businesses that enhance our community." Board members are appointed by the Dayton City Council and typically serve two-year terms.

Dayton Enhancement Committee:
The purpose of this committee is to advise and make recommendations to Dayton City Council on matters relating to the beautification, maintenance, and development of public property within the City of Dayton.
The committee was formed by Mayor Jeff Lambright in January 2016 after collaborating with several residents who believed Dayton’s appearance should be transformed from ordinary to something more appealing. Since Dayton is “in the middle of everything” i.e. close to Houston to the west, Beaumont to the east, NASA and Galveston to the south, and the I-45 corridor to the north, and since a major highway linking Houston with Beaumont runs through the middle of town, many people are exposed to the community and it should look its best.
The Grand Parkway loop currently under construction around Houston will come within five miles of Dayton, bringing even more businesses and people to our area. The Committee, an entity of the City of Dayton, hopes to create an inviting and attractive environment to help attract the people and businesses we would be proud to have as neighbors.

Dayton Housing Authority:
Housing Authority Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. Persons desiring an application for or information on Commissioner service should contact Barbara Burns at 936-258-5372 or by personal appearance at the Housing Authority Office located at:
 28502 N Winfree
Dayton, Texas 77535
Commissioners serve 2-year terms. 

Jones Public Library Board:
The Jones Library Board members are appointed by the City Council. Each normal term of service is for 2 years.

Parks Board:
The Dayton Parks Board members are appointed by the City Council. Each normal term in office is for a period of 2 years.

Planning Board:
The Dayton Planning Board members are appointed by the City Council. Each normal term in office is for a period of 2 years.

Streets Committee:
The Dayton Street Committee members are appointed by the City Council.

For more information about servicing on a board or committee, contact the City Secretary at 936-258-2642 or by email at citysecretary@daytontx.org. To apply, click on the link below.