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The City of Dayton is broken up into three service areas to provide city services to our residents, Development Services, Public Safety Services, and Administrative Services. 

City Manager's Office

The City Manager’s Office handles the general administration of the City and executes the policies and objectives of the City Council. The City Manager is directly responsible to the Mayor and City Council and oversees the day-to-day operation of the City by coordinating all City Department activities and functions, including the development of the Strategic Plan.

City Secretary's Office

The City Secretary is the records management officer of the City. The City Secretary attends all City Council meetings and keeps the minutes; maintains all official City records, including ordinances, resolutions, contracts, easements, and deeds; publishes and posts legal notices; monitors the terms and attendance of all Boards and Commissions of the City; and coordinates municipal elections.

Communications & Marketing Office

The Marketing & Communications Office is the citizen, staff and media link to Dayton city government, enabling each to access information, understand local and regional issues and participate in ongoing, citywide dialogue designed to build consensus and encourage community support. During emergencies, the department keeps the community informed as situations unfold. 

Finance Department

Management responsibility for all of the City’s financial activities, including the proper, accurate, and timely recording of collections and disbursements of city funds and the reporting of these transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. 

Major areas of responsibility including accounting, reporting, payroll, utility billing and collection, purchasing, budget operations, and treasury management. Other duties include processing accounts payable transactions, publishing financial statements, administering the cash management and investments and processes receipts of city monies.

Human Resources Office

Human Resources works to attract, engage and retain the best talent to provide quality service to the citizens of Dayton. Other responsibilities include employee relations, staffing and classifications, compensation and benefits, organizational learning and development, job-specific training, and health and wellness. 

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department (IT) provides support services and technology consulting to all City departments. IT ensures that the City's necessary systems and services are always available.



Physical Address
117 Cook Street
Dayton, TX 77535

Phone: 936-258-2642
Fax: 936-258-2348


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City Manager
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