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The Dayton Development Services staff is responsible for citywide planning, building inspection and code enforcement including implementing and enforcement of subdivision and other development regulations, building codes, signage and abatement code violations.

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Unified Development Code
The City's Unified Development Code (UDC) was adopted in May 2019 and is a policy tool that combines traditional zoning and subdivision regulations, along with other desired city regulations, such as design guidelines and stormwater management into one document. The UDC streamlines and coordinates the development process and removes inconsistencies and outdated policies, making it easier for developers, the public, and public entities to understand and participate in the process. 

The City of Dayton was the recipient of the Texas Masonry Council’s 2019 Texas Sustainable City Award at the organization's conference on Friday, August 9. The award, given to only one city each year recognizes and celebrates best practices in sustainable masonry design, development, and leadership.  The City of Dayton was chosen because of its Unified Development Code (UDC). 

Engineering Design Standards and Specifications

All public and private streets, thoroughfares, drainage facilities, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, street lighting, and signage and other such facilities shall be designed in accordance with the most recent guidelines of the Engineering Design Standards and Specifications. The standards set forth in the design manual are intended to be minimum requirements. The developer shall be responsible for determining if requirements that are more stringent are necessary for a particular development.  

Comprehensive Plan

Dayton’s Comprehensive Plan reflects the work of just over a year-long planning and citizen involvement process resulting in the City’s first-ever Comprehensive Plan. The plan’s findings and strategies focus on the physical and economic aspects of Dayton’s growth and development over a 20-year planning horizon. One goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to develop a unified vision, guiding principles, and “big picture” strategies that provide overarching guidance for current and future decision-makers. The implementation section helps to ground these recommendations in reality by prioritizing short-, mid-, and long-term strategies - with an emphasis on near-term “catalysts” that activate desired change. 


The adopted Unified Land Development Code Zoning Map. For more information, contact the Planning Department at 936-258-2642 | Click image for full-size PDF.
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Development & Planning Services
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